Partnership Program (MSc, PGDM)

GHU Curacao - UCR Southern California, U.S.A.

Two Universities two Diplomas in Business Management (MSc, PGDM)

Business management and leadership skills are in great demand in today’s dynamic, innovative and high-tech global market. Through the development of an integrated and critically-aware understanding of management from a leadership and people perspective, this joint program involves the student in a rigorous process of personal and leadership development.
The Global Humanistic University and University of California Riverside Extension (top 1% in the world) have united to offer their students an innovative program awarding two diplomas in Business Management.

Our offers


GHU MSc in Business Management                                  5 GHU Modules (50 ECTS)                                                         + GHU Master Thesis (30 ECTS)                                         $ 9.900 (TOTAL 80 ECTS / 40 US CREDITS)             *Apply at GHU


  • UCR PG Certificate in Management                  (PGCM - 3 months)                                                                      

    $ 7.900 - $ 1,000 scholarship for partners                    $ 6.900 (23 US Credits/40 ECTS)     
     *Apply at UCR


GHU MSc in Business Management                                2 GHU Modules (20 ECTS) 
+ GHU Master Thesis (30 ECTS)
$ 8.600 (total 50 ECTS/25 US Credits)                        
* Apply at GHU


  • UCR PG Certificate in Applied management 
    (PGCM - 6 months = PG Certificate                   
    in Management + Internship)                                                  
    $ 10.300 - $ 1,000 scholarship for partners           
    $9.300 (35 US Credits/70 ECTS)                             
    *Apply at UCR



GHU MSc in Business Management                                      no GHU Modules                                                                         + GHU Master Thesis (30 ECTS)                                        $ 3.800 (total 30 ECTS / 15 US Credits)                            *Apply at GHU


  • UCR PG DM - Diploma                                              
    (9 months = PG Certificate in Management  
    + 3-month specialization + internship)     
    $ 18.200 - $ 2,000 scholarship                              
    $ 16.200 (47 US Credits/90 ECTS)                        
    *Apply at UCR


Riverside is 80 kilometers east of Los Angeles in the heart of beautiful, sunny Southern California. University of California, Riverside (UCR), is one of 10 campuses within the prestigious University of California system, one of the nation’s premier public institutions of higher education. UCR has 24,000 students, 101 Bachelor’s Degrees, 55 Master’s Degrees and over 100,000 Alumni.

Faculty Distinctions include 2 Nobel Prize Recipients, 48 Fulbright Scholars, 19 Guggenheim Fellows. Ensuring high-quality, innovative curricula, approved by UCR’s Academic Senate, delivered by UCR Extension instructors and designed to meet your personal, professional and educational goals, is our ultimate mission. UCR is in the Top 1% of the World’s Universities.    

Students can write their GHU Master Thesis while doing completing their internship. The internship coordinator will give you the best tools to find your internship. Most internships are in local, mid-sized businesses, though occasionally they may be in other parts of California or in another state. Examples of companies that have provided internships to students include (but are not limited to):

• Matei & Co. • Hillcrest Event Center • National Orange Show • San Diego Music Foundation 
• Cobra Carbide • Toro • City of Riverside Mayor’s Office • Merrill Lynch              

Entrance Requirements - PGD and MSc

All PGD and GHU graduate program applicants must be in good academic standing as mutually determined by GHU and IEP and must meet a minimum English language requirement of TOEFL 550 PBT, iBT 79 or IELTS 6.5. IEP will accept institutional TOEFL scores and will evaluate other options to ensure GHU students meet the language requirement. Applicants are also required to have a Bachelor or have successfully completed 3 years of study towards a Bachelor from an accredited university or school.