Master of Science ( MSc )

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With the fully online Master of Science degree program students acquire a sound theoretical and practical education in business and management. The program provides a global view of organizations and their environment. This course equips the participants with the knowledge and skills that successful leaders need in today's and tomorrow's business world - for only a total of USD 11.900,00

Pay as you progress. You pay for one course at the beginning (USD 990,00 - before you start), and then gradually per course (nine courses, nine times USD 990,00) and before the Master Thesis USD 2,990.00. You will then have reached the total amount of USD 11.900,00 needed to complete the master program.



AAC accredited  


AQAS accredited  


120 ECTS
(60 US Credits)



The GHU  MSc program aims to equip  students with in-depth knowledge and understanding of their professional field, informed by current and emerging practice, scholarship, and research, including a critical awareness of current issues and developments in their subject areas and their profession.

They will be provided with the opportunity to develop their ability to apply research to professional situations, both practical and theoretical, and to  convince and employ, and critically evaluate a range of subject-specific techniques and research methods applicable to their professional activities as business leaders and senior managers.  

The degree program comprises 120 ECTS (or equivalent Credit Points) with a study duration of four semesters (maximum of seven years). You will be enrolled at Global Humanistic University and receive your degree from the Global Humanistic University - for only total USD 11.900,00.
Pay as you progress. You pay for one course at the beginning (USD 990,00 - before you start), and then gradually per course (nine courses, nine times USD 990,00) and before the Master Thesis USD 2,990.00. You will then have reached the total amount of USD 11.900,00 needed to complete the master program. 

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                                Tobias Grabner 



  • Language of instruction in English 
  • Enrolled at the Global Humanistic University  
  • Internationally recognized academic degree 
  • Time and place independent 
  • Part-time 
  • Scripts / lectures in the virtual seminar room 
  • 120 full ECTS or equivalent Credit Points 
  • NO pre-study required 
  • Entry possible at any time 
  • Accredited by AQAS (Germany) and AAC (Curacao)


  • Bachelor degree and two years' work experience or
  • Academic degree and two years’ work experience


"Master of Science, MSc" is an internationally recognized degree. Upon completion, the degree of  Global Humanistic University will be issued with Master of Science (MSc) and graduates may take  the  title of "MSc". 


Business Economics
Business Law
Business Organisation and Management
Financial Management
Human Resource Management
Project Management
Leadership and Team Management

Depending on the module, various examinations may be required in the form of presence checks and / or submission tasks (analyzes, case studies, essays). Submission tasks can be requested at any time. 

Master thesis

The master's thesis is a major component of the master's program. The work covers at least 70 to 100 pages. The topic is freely selectable and should ideally come from the work environment of the students and include practice-oriented research. The topic should be agreed with the supervisor and registered with the study department. The planned processing time of the master's thesis is usually three to six months. 

Positively assessed examinations of equivalent courses can be recognized (maximum of three modules = 30 ECTS or equivalent Credit Points). The application for recognition must be submitted in writing when registering to study. Send your collected module descriptions, certificates, and all relevant information to the GHU with the subject line "Request for Examination of the Recognition", and we will examine this. 


The Master of Science (MSc) degree program is accredited by the Agency for Quality Assurance through Accreditation of Degree Programs (AQAS) and the Accreditation Agency of Curacao (AAC). 

All activities and initiatives of the Global Humanistic University are always based on UNESCO and the Guidelines for Quality Commission in Cross-border Higher Education of OECD. 

This course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to gain an in-depth

theoretical knowledge and critical understanding of cutting edge management

thinking. They will develop advanced management and leadership skills through

critical analysis of business issues

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This course assumes that students have some basic knowledge of Statistics. Students must understand at least the concepts:Regression and the normal distribution. This is a Master’s level course: On a masters level students must show that they can add value. It is not enough to merely repeat what is in the prescribed study material. 


A basic statistical / numerical literacy is assumed for this course. 

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This Course looks at the management of people in organisational contexts in order to create awareness of this key organisational resource. The Course highlights the most important elements and tools human resource (HR) managers can adopt, and discusses ways of maximising their efficacy.  

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This Course introduces students to the key marketing tools and processes relevant for small and medium-sized enterprises. It provides an overview of the marketingrelated levers organisations may rely upon when trying to increase levels of competitiveness. 

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The course comprises tasks, risks and opportunities of entrepreneurships. The course covers in particular challenges of start-ups and successors. The purpose of this course is to prepare the ground for students to explore entrepreneurship as a desirable and feasible career option. In particular, the course seeks to build the necessary competencies and motivation for a career in entrepreneurship. 

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The course comprises concepts and techniques for effective project management. Project Management in detail deals with seeking new methods of planning, organising, and controlling non-routine tasks since managing projects differ in some ways from management of a typical enterprise (“primary organisation”).

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This course is designed to provide students with an advanced understanding of current theory and practice of leadership and team management, including the ethical and intercultural challenges of leadership practice. The Course will entail theoretical as well as more practice-oriented components, allowing students to gain a sound theoretical knowledge combined with practical insights into leadership and team management practice through the discussion of case studies. 

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