Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Discover the complex world of AI!

Artificial Intelligence refers to the simulation of human intelligence by machines. 

AI is subject to the constant development of its capabilities through new technologies. Technologies that fall under the term AI include machine learning and so-called deep learning. 

In the near future, Global Humanistic University will set up Master courses so that you as student can not only acquire theoretical information but also gain practical knowledge from scientific and very successful businessman and his team!

AI Learning
Learning on a new level through collaboration between KOSYS and GHU (MBA)
GHU offers the neoos® subliminal technology for an MBA program for the first time the learning content. 
Best of all: GHU's programs are all accredited!

Start now in a new way of AI learning!
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Business English + neoos®

You will receive a Business English program developed by Kosys which, in combination with the neoos® watch, will provide you with an exceptional and innovative learning experience, while also saving you valuable time.

Package contains:

  • online access to the learning content, (Kosys Platform)
  • Kosys neoos® watch.
*Package price only USD 1.490,00

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( not included shipping costs ) 

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CAS + neoos®

Choose  one  of our  AI Learning MBA courses , successfully pass the final exam, and receive a  CAS     ( Certificate of Advance Studies,  1 0 ECTS)  certificate.
Strengthen the course content with the help of the  Kosys neoos® watch. 

Package contains:

  • online access to the learning content
  • exam fee
  • Kosys neoos® watch.
*Package price only USD 1.990,00

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(not included shipping costs) 

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DAS + neoos®

Choose  three  of our  AI Learning MBA courses , successfully pass the final exam and receive a  DAS  (Diploma of Advanced Studies, 3 0 ECTS ) certificate.   

Strengthen the course content with the help of the Kosys neoos® watch.                                          

Package contains:

  • online access to the learning content
  • exam fee
  • Kosys neoos® watch.
*Package price only USD 3.790,00

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( not included shipping costs )  

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MBA + neoos®

Start your unique AI Learning MBA study and increase your knowledge in an entirely new way.
After successful completion of six courses and the corresponding exams – you will receive the official MBA diploma (60 ECTS).
Strengthen all MBA course contents with the help of the Kosys neoos® watch.

Package contains:

  • online access to the learning content
  • exam fee
  • Kosys neoos® watch.
*Package price only USD 5.940,00

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( not included shipping costs )  

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KOSYS & GHU - A Brain-Based Cooperation with VISION!

Learn while you sleep!

“Ultrasound Stimulation on the skin stimulates EEG Theta Activity in speech-related brain areas.” Dr. Diana Henz, Johannes Gutenberg – Universität Mainz

Product information "neoos® X"

By using the body's ultrasound frequencies, the neoos® watch allows you to hear through your skin instead of your ears. Permanently integrated is the pink noise, which helps to harmonize the hemispheres of the brain and thus supports ideal learning. The neoos®X watch is the first and only neoos® that you can wear directly on your wrist without a cable, while comfortably transmitting your learning content via the skin.

“AI is supposed to be a human being’s intelligent companion.”                               Dr. Tirthajyoti Sarkar

GHU and KOSYS are particularly proud of the brain-friendly cooperation, in which the neoos® X plays a central role. E-learning is high on the agenda and in this cooperation, we are working on a great project.  

The dream of many students becomes reality: learning while sleeping, passively through the skin!

GHU offers the neoos® X with its study programs, which have a total of 5 carrier frequencies. The heart rate with 43 kHz and the harmonizing pink noise provides for a relaxed concentration and are ideally suited to deepen learning contents subconsciously. The heart rate can be used all day and at night, without time restrictions. Learning during sleep becomes reality, because the contents manifest themselves in the subconscious, through constant repetition. 

With the neoos® you save 80% learning time in self-study.

The neoos® X is your ideal companion for your studies or during the e-learning process. The neoos® X frequencies promote the learning process on a subconscious level. Listening through the skin makes learning more effective because the information reaches the brain subconsciously through the skin. You can attend another classes and lectures, and listen to the learning material from the last lesson soundlessly. Learn passively while you are sleeping, during leisure time, or while you are studying or working. We will start our project in September 2022 and are excited about this unique, promising, and innovative cooperation with the online university GHU.

"AI is a ‘game changer’ for climate change and environmental issues." 

Prakash Natarajan Head of Sustainability, Tech Consumer Healthcare, GSK Consumer, Healthcare, Singapore

Together towards the future - 2 partners, 1 big goal 

Like GHU, KOSYS also has a vision. It is also interesting for us to discover connections and common approaches: People should recognize, value, build up, and successfully use their potential!

GHU's vision is based on the idea that students help themselves, trust themselves, and empower themselves! This is accomplished by giving them access to sophisticated, intelligent, practical tools on the learning platform. A strong community should use its logical, critical thinking skills to help itself navigate the information field. Conversely, students transform their potential into success. The neoos® X offers GHU students the opportunity to save a lot of time and passively engage in the learning content. 

"In short, the current and future use of AI in innovation can change how people live, work, play, and even think. “ 
Jyotirmay Gadewadikar, Chief Engineer (Enterprise AI – Systems and Mission Analysis), Mitre, USA 

KOSYS  CEO Josua Kohberg and Head of Marketing/Communication and PR, Eva Klink are proud 
of the cooperation agreement with the  online university GHU
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Simply explained:

neoos® X

Unconscious and highly effective training

Unique to KOSYS training is the combination of passive listening via the skin® and brain-based learning and training methods. With a small device known as neoos® and the content tailored to it, you save 80% of the learning and training time you would otherwise apply. Whether you want to learn a new language, develop your personality, or simply live healthier. All this is possible with the neoos® technology today. Day by day, you become the best person you can be and promote your personal growth. You simply get a happy and successful life.

"Having advanced Artificial Intelligence technology is becoming a strategic asset for nations. It is an essential infrastructure capable of shaping future economies and defining new relationships among countries, companies, and global organizations.“  06-06-22 

The current study of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

The EEG measurements of the current study at the University of Mainz have been completed and evaluated. Here is the first statement after the completion of the EEG measurements:

"After completion and evaluation of all EEG measurements, we are happy to concretely confirm the results of the EEG measurements on the effect of the KOSYS language learning system neoos®. A 10-minute application of the tested language learning program is sufficient for brain areas associated with the processing of linguistic information to be activated.

The EEG data show that the Wernicke area, which is responsible for sensory language processing (language comprehension), is also activated. This is a plausible result since the subjects in the current study passively received speech. Furthermore, in the frontal area of the brain (frontal area), the working memory and attention center are activated.

The working memory is important to maintain incoming information - similar to the working memory of a computer - so that they are available for further information processing and can be integrated. Below you can see a picture of the EEG results. Shown are the sources of activation in the brain that occur as a result of using the KOSYS language learning program neoos®."

Dr. Diana Henz, a neuroscientist at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany