Doctor of Business Administration 

Partnership Programme  GHU (Global Humanistic University) - KMU (Middlesex University / KMU Akademie & Management AG)

Get your DBA/Dr (Fee:  £29.000 / ~USD 35.000 in total)

The DBA is the professional equivalent of the academic PhD (Doctor of Philosophy), but designed specifically to support participants in undertaking practice-based research related to their professional environment. While the knowledge gained from this research is equally rigorous to the PhD, it is distinctive in that the research findings tend to be highly applicable within the students’ organisation and/or within their community of professional practice.
The DBA is designed to raise the level of professional capabilities of practising senior managers and executives. It does this by developing critical reflective practice skills, by enhancing knowledge of leading-edge areas of business, and by providing the opportunity to develop their capabilities in practice-based research by means of a major doctoral research project relevant to the professional practice of the students, their organisation, community of practice or professional field. 

Why study the DBA Partnership Programme  - Doctor of Business Administration at Middlesex University / KMU Akademie & Management AG?

  • This DBA programme aims to provide experienced professionals in senior management positions with the opportunity to undertake rigorous research, advance theory, and its application to practice. 
  • Senior professionals have achieved a significant amount of both formal and informal learning, sometimes over many years. The DBA focuses on developing participants' individual capabilities as reflective practitioners, and through this enhancing their capability for undertaking high-level, practice-based research within the professional environment.
  • Participants' projects meet their individual needs and interests, and those of their organisations or the professional community. 
  • The distance learning concept offers a high degree of flexibility and allows students to combine their studies well with private and professional commitments.

Tution Fee
~USD 35.000  

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6 semesters
​​​​​​​(max. 7 years)

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Admission Requirements PhD
Significant professional experience (at senior level; 5 years) and a master’s, Diplom or Magister degree (300 ECTS) or equivalent obtained from a recognised domestic or international higher education institution is required.

If English is not the applicant’s first language, test results to prove that their command of English is at least CEFR reference level C1 (= IELTS 7.0 or higher) are required as well.
Research Areas
Research areas in the field of economics and management:

  • Banking and Insurance
  • Corporate Consultancy
  • Education Management
  • Digitalisation / Big Data
  • Energy
  • Financing
  • Health Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Real Estate Management
  • Management of SMEs or Corporate Management
  • Marketing
  • Logistics
  • Sustainability Management
  • Public Administration and Management
  • Restructuring
  • Sports Management
  • Tourism Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Business Consulting
  • Corporate Social Responsibility


Only a limited number of doctoral students can be admitted to the programme. Therefore, admission is decided in the following order: (i) date of binding application, (ii) admission criteria, (iii) assignment of supervisory team.

Should your application for the DBA programme be rejected, no fees or costs will incur and the next ranked application will be considered.

Structure of the study
The distance learning programme Doctor of Business Administration (DBA/Dr) has a minimum duration of three and a maximum duration of seven years. It consist of two phases and concludes 180 ECTS. The following achievements must be completed as part of the programme (in this consecutive order):

Application & Admission: 

  • Submission of application documents
  • Review of the submitted documents by KMU Akademie and Middlesex University 
  • A decision whether or not the applicant will be admitted to the programme will be provided within three months
  • Receipt of admission documents (letter of admission and invoice for tuition fees)
  • Transfer of the tuition fees by the student
  • Access to our online campus KMUnity and registration at Middlesex University/KMU Akademie
  • Submission of Research Proposal as well as a Personal Statement according to which a supervisory team will be assigned
  • Interview (Discussion research proposal, personal and professional qualification)
  • Establishing contact and liaising with the assigned supervisory team
  • Signing of the supervision agreement and commitment to supervision by the student and supervisor
Phase 1:
  • Submission of Extended Research Proposal
  • Approval, presentation and evaluation of Proposed Programme of Research
Phase 2:
  • Submission of draft version of the Thesis
  • Thesis (proof of ability to deal with scientific questions)
  • Viva voce (presentation and defence of the thesis before a panel)
  • Graduation ceremony and receipt of certificate of Middlesex University with Doctor of Business Administration (DBA/Dr) and award of the academic degree "Doctor of Business Administration".
  • The university reserves the right to make sovereign changes to the programme.
Recognition of the Doctoral Degree
"Doctor of Business Administration, DBA" is an internationally recognised degree after at least three years of doctoral studies at the 3rd level of the Bologna Classification.
Completion of the Programme
Upon completion of the programme, the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA/Dr) certificate is issued by Middlesex University.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 
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£29,000 ~USD 35,000.-- in total


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