Career opportunities

The GHU offers career opportunities for scientists and lecturers consisting of four levels.

  1. Lecturer at the GHU

  2. Junior Professor at the GHU (Jun.-Prof.)

  3. Professor at the GHU (Prof.)

  4. University Professor at the GHU (Univ.-Prof.)

Whether the conditions for one or more of these levels are met is verified in a special GHU screening process, which pays attention to the quality and quantity of academic education, research, as well as teaching and professional experience.

The lecturer level is the entrance level to a teaching career. Lecturers need to have at least the qualifications and degrees of the level they teach (e.g. to teach at master level a lecturer needs a master degree or higher).

The Junior Professor is the next level of teaching. If you work as a Jun.-Prof. you teach students and also advise them during their thesis, even at the doctoral level. To work as a Junior Professor, a very promising dissertation is expected, demonstrating the necessary abilities and aptitudes for conducting research at a very high level. The Junior Professor has the same duties and competencies as other professors at the higher level (Professor, University Professor). The Junior Professor is the entrance level to a scientific career, with a career path to Professor and/or University Professor.

The Professor level is meant for scientists who at present have years of experience in teaching and in their respective professions and who have already had qualified research published. Even if in many aspects it is not similar in an international context, it is comparable to the Associate Professor level.

The highest level of a scientific career is the University Professor level. A Univ.-Prof. has a superior academic background and demonstrates substantial research achievements as well as professional teaching expertise. Even if in some aspects it is not similar in an international context it is in some way comparable to the Full Professor level.