Advantages of a PhD with the GHU

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You decide.

Study your doctorate the way you want

Working hours

The PhD allows you to work independently: you get to choose your own topic of research and decide the direction you take. You set your own timetable, whether this is working 3-4 hours a day or doing all-nighters.

Topic selection

PhDs are typically projects of passion that allow you to explore a field of study that you find interesting. At the end of three or four years, you will be an expert in your study field.

Travel opportunity

A PhD study usually comes with opportunities to travel and to attend international conferences, or conduct field trips abroad.

You become.

Become successful in your profession

Boost your CV

As well as demonstrating your ability to write a proper scientific document, a PhD shows employers that you can conduct and analyze research, work independently, and present ideas to audiences.

Boost your income

When you graduate, you will earn a higher salary.

Field contribution

One of the big benefits of a PhD is adding knowledge to your area of expertise. There is great satisfaction to be had from challenging the status quo and gaining recognition from your peers.

Floris van Haren

- Dean Recruiting -

Floris van Haren is an expert in the field.

Advantages of a PhD with the GHU
Floris van Haren October 5, 2020
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